Exceptional Incontinence Management

We deliver high-quality incontinence products and coaching so patients can live happier, confident, and more independent lives.

At TenderHeart, we connect with each individual patient to better understand their unique needs. Through our personalized incontinence coaching and our frequent patient interaction, we minimize the likelihood of adverse patient outcomes, helping patients gain a better quality of life. We provide better results by placing patients first.

We Drive Improved Outcomes With Our Patient-Centric Model

Our outcomes-based service model ensures we deliver valuable and meaningful impacts on the lives of patients and caregivers while increasing patient satisfaction. By focusing on three important concepts, we’re able to improve the day-to-day lives of patients through exceptional incontinence management and deliver better health outcomes.

Higher Patient Interaction

Our incontinence coaching focuses on patient education and appropriate product use by asking questions, listening to concerns, and providing solutions

Higher Quality Products

Utilizing all major incontinence brands and multiple tiers within each brand,  we are able to provide the product that best meets each patient’s incontinence needs

Better Outcomes

When patients are in an appropriate product that fits their unique incontinence needs, they require fewer supplies and their chance of hospitalization decreases.


Patients Covered


Net Promoter Score*

*confidence interval of 95%


Lower Utilization

Why TenderHeart?

With two decades of experience, we are the national leader of innovative, value-based incontinence services and are proud to be the preferred partner for four national Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) servicing incontinence needs for 1.2 million people.

why tenderheart

Proper Incontinence Management Means Putting the Patient First

We understand how difficult and uncomfortable it can be to discuss sensitive issues surrounding incontinence and that is why we treat every patient with respect and empathy. Our compassionate approach consists of communicating with patients and actively listening to find solutions that meet their needs.

I have been with TenderHeart for 12 years. They treat me like family and my orders are accurate, easy and prompt.


12-year customer, San Antonio, Texas

Our Resources

At TenderHeart, we want to make sure all patients have all the information they need to easily access our value-based program designed to achieve better outcomes on an individual level. Here you will find details on our return policy, and outlines for all your rights and responsibilities as a patient.